Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lent: Presence

Here's a secret that I remember when I'm not so busy that I forget: I don't need to go anywhere to experience the presence of God.

Some people think you have to go to a house of worship to be in the presence of God, and it's true that God is there.

Some people think you have to go out into nature to experience the presence of God, and it's true that God is there as well.

The presence of God also lies in the warm sunlight, in the cool of a cave, and in a dark puddle of mud. We can find God's presence in familiar places and in strange locales; among friends and family, by ourselves and among strangers; in times of plenty and contentment, and in times of need.

God can be found in all these places, and many more. Our every moment, waking or sleeping, from birth to death, is a moment that God sidles up next to us, not just to experience our joys, griefs and idle moments with us; but so that we also might enjoy the joys, griefs and quiet moments of God as well.

Sometimes the presence of God is easy to experience. Often it is elusive.

We can experience the presence of God when we reach out to the child who is alone and cold, and when someone else notices our tears, and holds us until the pain goes away. The touch of a human hand, the sound of a human voice: this may be one of the most transcendent experiences possible.

We all hunger in our own way for the Presence of God in our lives. One of the surest ways to find it is to be that presence for someone else.

Copyright © 2017 by David Learn. Used with permission.

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