Sunday, April 02, 2017

Lent: Celebrate

My daughter has to take an egg with her everywhere she goes for two weeks, as part of a high school unit on teenage parenthood.

In the process, she and her classmates are supposed to see that parenthood is not glamorous, nor exciting, nor fun when it comes before you are ready for it. It's a serious business, disruptive complicated, inconvenient and even embarrassing.

She accidentally dropped her egg the other day, and had to write a letter to Child Protective Services explaining what had happened and how she would prevent further such incidents. (Based on what actually happened, my daughter wrote a letter explaining that the child carrier was poorly built, and that she has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer.)

Life is a serious business, with weighty responsibilities, but my daughter also realizes that life also is meant to be fun and celebrated. So she named her egg Carolina, drew a face on her, and put her in a cloth diaper. Carolina went to church today with us and got to play with the plastic eggs we were stuffing for the upcoming Easter egg hunt. We also have photos of Carolina at a restaurant with us, and I'd love to get pictures of the little grandegg doing other things and going other places with us as the opportunity arises.

Life is short. There's a lot to do that's important, and at times we have heavy responsibilities that we're not ready for and need to grow into. I like my daughter's attitude: The assignment is an inconvenient one, but it's something she has embraced and has found a way to celebrate and even enjoy.

Copyright © 2017 by David Learn. Used with permission.

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