Saturday, December 15, 2012

Light a candle

When night falls, as it so often does, we often fall into one of two errors. The first is simply to shake our fists at the night and inveigh against the darkness. In doing this, we forget the light as well, and make our darkness even deeper. The second is to cast well-meant but empty platitudes upon the wind, and to assure the afflicted that an inscrutable purpose is at work, that God is in control, and something good will emerge in time. This denies the very presence of the night, and it cheapens Day into a tawdry bauble of little worth.

When night falls, and it does, there is only one way to respond; and that is to take the hand of those next to you, hold them, and say nothing. Weep with them if they cry, make their grief yours and howl along with them, and never let go, no matter how bad it gets.

I have walked in darkness myself, and I say that this is the only way that night can come to an end, and the sun rise once more.

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